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Jaguar I-Pace Touch Up Paint

Got Paint Scratches on Your Jaguar I-Pace?

Do you drive a Jaguar I-Pace? Did it get some scratches or dents on it?

You’ve come to the right place because we carry touch up paint that’s compatible with Jaguar I-Pace and every other Jaguar models.

And the best part?

Touching up the paint on your Jaguar I-Pace is an easy do-it-yourself project, and it gets easier when you use one of our touch up paint kits.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos or reading how-to pages, either. All our Jaguar I-Pace touch up paint kits include detailed written instructions — guides so easy that even a child could touch up a few small scratches and make your Jaguar I-Pace look brand new again.

Our Jaguar I-Pace touch up paint is backed by our Color Match Guarantee.

Jaguar I-Pace Touch Up Paint Colors

We offer superior touch up paint kits to help you bring your Jaguar I-Pace back to life. Simply select your Jaguar I-Pace color below to view available touch up paint kits.

Ammonite Gray Metallic

Code: LKH / 2136 / 1AB

Borasco Gray Metallic

Code: LIB / 2273 / 1CN

Caesium Blue Metallic

Code: JHK / 2232 / 1AV

Cosmic Black

Code: PNG / 2219 / 1BF

Gallium Silver

Code: MVU / 2213 / 1BN

Glacier White Metallic

Code: NAK / 2201 / 1AQ

Indus Silver Metallic

Code: 863 / MEN / 1AC

Italian Racing Red Metallic

Code: CAH / 2144 / 1AF

Narvik Black

Code: 2397 / PPK / 1AT

Photon Red

Code: CCB / 2271 / 1CM

Polaris White

Code: NER / 2135 / 1AA

Rhodium Silver Metallic

Code: MEN / 2130 / 1AC

Ultimate Black Metallic

Code: PAB / PEL / 2103 / 1AG