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Because Scratches Happen

Our touch up paint kits are engineered to help you fix today’s scratches and those coming your way tomorrow.

Premium Touch Up Paint Kits

Got paint scratches? We’ve got it covered.

Premium Touch Up Paint Kits

Got paint scratches?
We’ve got it covered.

Perfect Color Match

Custom mixed paint and color-matched primer ensure you get great results, every time.

Everything Needed

Scratches come in different shapes and sizes. We include multiple options so you’re ready for anything.

Simple Process

Detailed instructions take out all the guesswork. Simply follow the steps and you can’t go wrong.

Durable Finish

High quality paint and custom formulated clear coat with extra hardeners make for repairs that last.

Great Value

Each kit helps you fix multiple scratches. Many times cheaper than your local body shop.

Great Service

No matter where you are, each kit ships fast. If you require any assistance, we are here to help.

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