RAM 1500 Touch Up Paint

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RAM 1500 Touch Up Paint

RAM 1500 Touch Up Paint

RAM 1500 Touch Up Paint

Got Paint Scratches on Your RAM 1500?

Do you drive a RAM 1500? Did it get some scratches or dents on it?

You’ve come to the right place because we carry touch up paint that’s compatible with RAM 1500 and every other RAM models.

And the best part? Touching up the paint on your RAM 1500 is an easy do-it-yourself project, and it gets easier when you use one of our touch up paint kits.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos or reading how-to pages, either. All our RAM 1500 touch up paint kits include detailed written instructions — guides so easy that even a child could touch up a few small scratches and make your RAM 1500 look brand new again.

Our RAM 1500 touch up paint is backed by our Color Match Guarantee.

RAM 1500 Touch Up Paint Colors

We offer superior touch up paint kits to help you bring your RAM 1500 back to life. Simply select your RAM 1500 color below to view available touch up paint kits.


Code: PDS / LDS

Billet Silver Metallic

Code: PSC / JSC

Black Gold Pearl

Code: PUG / LUG


Code: DX8 / PX8 / X13

Blue Streak Pearl

Code: PCL / KCL

Bright Green

Code: P68

Bright Red

Code: P12

Bright Silver Metallic

Code: PS2 / WS2

Bright White

Code: GW7 / PW7 / W12 / W7

Canyon Brown Pearl

Code: PUS / JUS

Ceramic Blue

Code: PAG / MAG

Ceramic Gray

Code: PDN

Copperhead Pearl

Code: PLB / KLB


Code: PL4 / KL4

Dark Brown

Code: P18

Deep Auburn Pearl

Code: PEP / KEP

Deep Molten Red Pearl

Code: PR8 / BR8

Deep Water Blue Pearl

Code: PBS / GBS

Detonator Yellow

Code: PYB / EYB

Flame Red

Code: PR4

Green Angel

Code: P06

Hunter Green Pearl

Code: PGT / JGT

Hydro Blue Pearl

Code: PBJ / MBJ

Ivory Pearl

Code: PWD / JWD

Light Cream

Code: P64

Light Green

Code: G90 / PGC

Luxury Brown Pearl

Code: PTW / GTW

Maximum Steel Metallic

Code: PAR / KAR

Midnight Blue Pearl

Code: BB8 / PB8

Mineral Gray Metallic

Code: PDM / CDM

Mojave Sand

Code: PTA / KTA

Olive Green Pearl

Code: PFP / KFP

Omaha Orange

Code: P62

Patriot Blue Pearl

Code: PPX / RPX

Pearl White

Code: PWQ

Power Tan

Code: P81

Prairie Pearl

Code: PFA / KFA

Sagebrush Pearl

Code: PGX / JGX

Stinger Yellow

Code: PYV / KYV

Sublime Green Metallic

Code: PFB / FFB / LF8

Tequila Sunrise Pearl

Code: PJA / KJA

Timberline Green Pearl

Code: GW / AGW / PGW

Tree Green

Code: P73

True Blue Pearl

Code: PBU / KBU

Velvet Red Pearl

Code: PRV / NRV

Walnut Brown Metallic

Code: PUW / RUW

White Gold

Code: PWL / HWL


Code: P63

Our RAM 1500 touch up paint is backed by our Color Match Guarantee.