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I was notified that there is a problem with my credit card. I called my credit card company, and they tell me that the charge went through.

There could be a couple reasons for this. To protect against credit card fraud, we compare the billing address you provide during check out to the address your card issuer uses for verification purposes. If we notify you that there was a problem with your billing address, it means the address came back as unmatched. It is possible that we have received an error even when the billing address you entered exactly matches the address on your credit card statement.

The reasons for this error may be as simple as small differences in the spelling, spacing, or use of commas. If your card issuer tells us the address you entered for billing does not match its verification address, we will cancel the transaction and your credit card will not be charged. However, there may be a temporary “pending” item for the amount that appears on your statement. Don’t worry, your bank will cancel this pending item in a few days.